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you leave the game paused

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you leave the game paused Empty you leave the game paused

Post by cena2020 on Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:06 am

have an iPod touch 2nd gen and this runs great! I haven't had any choppy framerates or issues. Plays just like it should and anyone who has played other D-pad type games will get the controls just fine. People fuss about them but I think they work great. Overall definitely a keeper, especially for the small footprint!Sonic 2 has arrived and it's just as great as you remember. The touch controls still take some getting used to but are just as good as an actual controller. The big minus is a bug that turns off the music and and grinds the game to a halt if you leave the game paused for any significant amount of time. I'd expect a fix soon...

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