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Endless Possibilities

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Endless Possibilities Empty Endless Possibilities

Post by Mythirion on Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:47 pm

"I see it, I see it. Now it's all within my reach. Endless Possibility. I see it, I see it now. It's always been inside of me. And now I feel so free. Endless Possibility. Endless Possibility. Endless Possibility. Endless Possibility. Endless Possibility."

If you watch the Endless Possibility Sonic Unleashed video, it has some really meaningful lyrics. Start is at 1:45 and you can listen to the lyrics above. I feel that these lyrics mean this:

I see it, a Modern Sonic game with Possibility. It's in my reach, we can make this a good one! Endless Possibilities to make a new Sonic game. I see a Modern game with possibility. I feel so free that I have a good Sonic games. Endless Possibility...

I mean, Sonic games have potential, but after Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. They all started to get worse, I feel that this game is going to acheive High Standards. I felt really happy when the Sonic Team released the Sonic Mega Collection Plus and Sonic Gems Collection.

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