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Forum Guidelines

Here are the rules of SonicSpeed. You MUST follow them in order to use the site. If you don't, you will receive a warning. If you get too many warnings, you will be banned. If you feel a post has broken a rule, please report it using the Report(!) button. If you have questions, you can post them here.

1. Spamming. Spamming is not allowed here on SonicSpeed. Any spam will be removed from the site.

2. Posting On The Wrong Board. Please post on the right board. We have boards for every subject. Any topics posted in the wrong board will be moved to the correct board. No warnings should be given out for this.

3. Arguing With Staff. Do not argue with the staff. Arguing with the staff will make your warning level higher. You are allowed to talk about the warning though.

4. Offensive Content. Do not post offensive content on SonicSpeed. That includes swearing, sexual content, and romances. Any offensive content will be deleted and could result in a ban.

5. Online Romances. Do not have online romances with anyone on SonicSpeed. SonicSpeed is not the place for romances. It will result in a ban.

6. Personal Insults & Attacks (Flaming). Do not make insulting or attacking comments about other people. This is known as 'flaming' and will not be tolerated. If someone is insulting you or another user, or saying things that you find offensive or that make you uncomfortable, do not respond by 'retaliating' and returning insults. Any user participating in 'flaming' may have their access to the site blocked, regardless of who started it.

7. Multiple Accounts Per User. The first account you create on SonicSpeed is the only account you will be allowed to use for the entire time you are on this site. Any additional accounts will be blocked from use. If you are repeatedly found to be creating multiple accounts, all your accounts will be permanently blocked from the site. If you haven't been to SonicSpeed in a while and have forgotten your user name, email Mythirion. His EMail address will be on the "Contact Us" page.

8. Sharing Accounts. Remember that you are responsible for any activity that takes place on your account, whether it was actually you or not. So don't share your account or give out your password to another person, because that other person may get your account banned from the site. This is especially true for other banned members. Any member found to be sharing their account with a banned user will also be banned from this site permanently.

9. Impersonating Other Members. Never pretend to be someone you are not, especially do not pretend to be a staff member. Do not make statements that would imply that you are staff member.

10. Posting Personal Information. Please do not post personal information on the boards such as Phone Numbers. Do not discuss your account status or someone else's on the boards. This includes but is not limited to bans and warnings. Repeatedly discussing warnings with others can result in anything from a temporary ban up to and including a permanent ban depending on the severity.

Your consequence may be final.