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The Posting Contest

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The Posting Contest Empty The Posting Contest

Post by CJTheAdmin on Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:17 am

As you know, there will be a posting contest on SonicSpeed's birthday (August 8th)

The contest will start at 6 am and go on till 7 PM. The winner must meet the following qualifications:

-Has the most posts
-Cannot be a staff member
-And at least 1 post in the RPG section

He/She will win:

-Access to the VIP forum for a week
-Two votes towards deciding whether or not the chatbox is on top or bottom
-A custom Sonic Avatar or Signature (Doesn't have to have Sonic himself, but must have a Sonic character)

Remember these rules:
1. Posts in the Spammer's Forum do not count for the contest.
2. Posts in just chatspeak/smileys will not count for contest. (Example: XD LAWLZ =P ~signature~)
3. You must have at least one post in an RPG that day.
4. Have Fun!

~Cooper, who will not be here to see his site turn 1 year old. Sad

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